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Epi Ingredients has created a new way to showcase its ingredients and their unique characteristics. Through concepts marketed as finished products, we are featuring our innovative and differentiating ingredients.

decouvrez-conceptsRooted in marketing innovation, these finished product concepts take center stage at our tradeshows and during clients’ meetings.

Launched 3 years ago, the range SoUnik has already garnered a lot of attention! At the 2017 FIE, SoFlexi, a 40g powdered mix allowing consumers to create fresh yogurt-tasting snacks in seconds – from drinking yogurt to ice cream, or acid drink – won the French Innovation Award in the category “Probiotics & Cultures”. Next, in 2018, was SoBenefik, a protein-packed yogurt concept featuring EPIPROT 60UL functional properties and now, SoCrispies which will be all the rage at FIE 2019!

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