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Epi Ingredients produces, develops and markets dry dairy ingredients with the milk collected from Laïta’s cooperatives. Because Laïta is farmer-operated, it’s also to oversee the complete milk supply, thus ensuring full traceability and origin control.
These high quality ingredients are designed to provide targeted benefits for various applications within the food industry (Cultured dairy, Beverages, Ice cream, Savory, Bakery and Chocolate) and to nutritional market (Infant and Adult). Thanks to its expertise in dry dairy products, Epi Ingrédients can develop customized solutions to better fulfill customer’s needs.

  • Skim milk powder (SMP), Buttermilk powder

    Skim milk powder (SMP), Buttermilk powder

    Epi Ingredients offers a wide range of skim milk powders, spray-dried as soon as our fresh milk is received.

    Thanks to our technical expertise of the manufacturing process, we can offer SMP matching specific needs by varying parameters such as moisture, total protein content, milk’s heat treatment, wettability, bulk density, etc…

    We also offer buttermilk powders directly derived from Laïta’s butter production.

  • Caseinates / Caseins

    Caseinates / Caseins

    Caseinates and caseins produced by Epi Ingredients are used by food manufacturers such as cheese or cultured dairy processors for their outstanding texturizing properties: emulsifying, stabilizing, foaming or thickening.

    They are also used by manufacturers in the adult nutrition segment both for their nutritional and functional properties: higher microbiological quality, solubility, etc…

  • whey product

    Whey products

    Whey powders processed by Epi Ingredients directly come from Laïta’s own cheese production. Our whey is therefore originally coming from the milk produced by our farmers, thus ensuring full control over the product and the highest quality of our whey powders.

    With superior functional and organoleptic properties, our standard whey powders are particularly adapted to the food industry for beverage, bakery and confectionery applications.

    In addition, our portfolio includes demineralized whey powders which are a perfectly suited for the chocolate industry (D40) and infant nutrition (D90).

  • Lactepi Epival


    These formulated ingredients allow our customers to reach specific organoleptic properties, advanced functionalities and/or cost-efficiency for their end products. They can fulfill customers’ requirements by replacing milk powders, increasing fat or protein content, etc… according to the need.

    Lactepi is our range of formulated lean powders for the best functionality.

    Epival is our range of formulated high-fat powders providing a balance of functional and organoleptic benefits; or sometimes even designed to address a nutritional challenge.

    Both ranges are adapted to the entire food and beverage industry. We have developed expertise that enables us to meet any special requests from our customers.

  • epilac

    Epilac / Fermented powders

    Epi Ingredients is particularly renowned for the high quality of the milk fermented powders they offer to the food and nutrition industry.

    Featuring a variety of these powders, the Epilac range – which comprises yogurt powders, fermented milk powders – is easy to implement and can be incorporated into a wide selection of food matrixes.
    With strong but pleasant dairy flavors and natural acidity, Epilac ingredients are true assets for end products. In addition, the living bacteria contained in some of the powders could have a positive effect on strengthening the immune system and enhancing digestive health, both very useful benefits for adult and infant nutrition.

  • butter

    Butter powder

    Epi Ingredients offers a range of butter powders. These ingredients bring desirable organoleptic properties as well as 100% natural fat to your finished products.

    They are particularly adapted to bakery, ice cream, savory and confectionery applications.

    Moreover, they are also very easy to implement and convenient to stock while offering complete origin traceability.

  • butter

    Flavor Concentrates

    This very specific range of flavor concentrates includes 100% natural flavors in paste form.

    Our EMDIs can bring roundness, boost flavor or tone down acidic preparations.

    These ingredients can be listed as natural flavors under European regulations. They are perfect for the ice cream and savory foods industries.

  • epilac


    This all-new range for Epi Ingredients includes 60% protein concentrates in powder form produced through microfiltration.

    Epi Ingredients has used membrane filtration processes for many years for internal use.

    Today, we are using these processes to develop a new range to meet the market needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for special formulations using this type of ingredient!

    As consumer interest in protein continues to grow, Epi Ingredients is now launching its first ever protein concentrate, EPIPROT 60 UL, to support food, beverage and nutrition manufacturers in their new product developments