socripsies-barres-proteineesWe know that even though the health-promoting qualities of a product are critical to consumers’ purchasing decisions, the importance of offering elevated sensory experiences is of equal, if not greater, importance; which is why we set out to develop a truly innovative ingredient that would redefine the way we consume protein, making it tasty and exciting” Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager

SoCrispies is a revolutionary crispy protein ingredient. It was co-developed with a company specialized in the extrusion process and is obtained through a patent-pending technology from dairy protein. We chose this extruded crispy format precisely to provide a completely new way to consume protein. SoCrispies is indeed more about unique delivery and less about unique nutrition.

Once a niche targeting bodybuilders and elite athletes, the protein trend has grown over the past few years and is now well established among mainstream consumers as well, with no sign of fading away. Most consumers associate protein with good health and believe it supports overall wellness as well as bone health, weight management, muscle building and maintenance, etc.

However, expectations have evolved over time and the ‘everyday consumer’ is not quite ready to compromise on taste or texture the way bodybuilders and athletes used to in the name of muscle gain or performance.

Nowadays, consumers are not only seeking products that will provide the nutrients they need to advance their health and support their goals but also products that fit their busy on-the-go lifestyle while offering some exciting new textures and flavors.

SoCrispies clearly meets all these expectations and more! You can expect an ingredient that is:

  • Packed with protein (90%+): the highest level of all protein crisps currently available on the market
  • Unsweetened: no added sugar
  • Clean label
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Neutral in taste
  • Crunchy
  • Innovative
  • Produced with sustainability in mind

SoCrispies is a game-changer for any brand offering protein-fortified products. It allows them to formulate creative new products with unique sensory attributes sure to swoon even the pickiest eaters.


Although perfect for sports nutrition and diet nutrition due to the strong demand for protein in these markets, SoCrispies is also a great addition to products targeting other demographics desiring to up their protein intake such as the elderly, those trying to reach or maintain a healthy weight, pregnant and lactating women and more.

Thanks to a neutral taste, SoCrispies can be used flavored to taste, sweet or savory, coated as a stand-alone product or incorporated as-is into a more complex recipe.

It is worth noting that it comes in various sizes allowing for a wider range of applications.

Our dedicated application experts have worked on several possible nutrition-oriented applications for SoCrispies to show manufacturers what’s possible; a lot of which are perfect for on-the-go snacking.

Below are some ideas of what can be done with our unique protein puffs to combine nutrition and pleasure:

  • An 80% dark chocolate bar with crunchy SoCrispies inclusions
  • A high-protein, sugar-free, fat-free nutrition bar using SoCrispies to lighten up the texture
  • Breakfast cereals with protein clusters made of flavored SoCrispies, possibly in combination with nuts, seeds or other ingredients
  • SoCrispies-based toppings for split-cup type yogurts
  • Savory-flavored (cheesy, curry, etc.) protein-fortified puff snacks made of SoCrispies
  • High-protein coated candy-like snacks featuring SoCrispies as their crispy, airy center, then wrapped in various possible coatings (dark chocolate, Greek-yogurt, etc.)
  • SoCrispies-based toppings and inclusions for better-for-you indulgent ice cream and frozen desserts boasting high protein contents
  • and so much more

As a topping, an inclusion or stand-alone product, for snacks or conventional eating occasions, SoCrispies is the innovative add-in that will make your protein-fortified recipe unique and have consumers coming back for more!


Did you Know? SoCrispies was recently shortlisted in FoodBev’s World Dairy Innovation Awards for ‘Best Dairy Ingredient’ and even won first prize in Laita’s first ever in-house innovation competition!