Dairy products for food premium industry

The quality of your dairy products and the flavours of your recipes are our daily concerns!


Our yogurt powders

A unique and complete range of premium fermented yogurt powders adapted to the development of products offering the 'health' halo of fermented products without refrigeration constraints.

yogurt powders

Our butter powders

Our butter powders offer a 100% natural milk fat and therefore completely "clean label" while remaining 100% gourmet! Butter powders are ideal for industrialists who want to give their products the benefits of butter.

Passion for milk

All committed, all passionate!


Protect and support our employees. Understand our customers and consumers so that we hold on them. Engage with our farmers. Secure the cooperation of our suppliers.


Combat global warming. Work with respect for the living environment. Limit the use of resources. Develop the circular economy


Support regional economies. Work on joint projects with stakeholders. Develop partnerships

Passion du Lait®, our CSR approach