With So Yo’mmy, we wanted to show manufacturers that developing delicious, clean-label yogurts that do not require refrigeration and that will have consumers asking for more is entirely achievable, with the right ingredients of course!” Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager

SoYo’mmy is a healthy mix of flavor, nutrition and convenience and our new clean-label, shelf-stable drinking yogurt concept showcasing Epilac 906, a yogurt powder with exclusive properties.

Although, due to the current pandemic, this year’s concept will remain virtual instead of running a small production as we did for our previous concepts, our goal is the same: to showcase the unique properties of our ingredients and help brands visualize what they can do with them.

So Yo’mmy is a clean, convenient, and affordable smart-snacking option designed for increasingly time-deprived modern consumers. They can just throw it into their bag without thinking twice, and it will be on hand when they need something healthy to fuel their day with; thus avoiding them unnecessary trips to the nearest fast-food joint or to the vending machine, which are likely to affect their immediate energy levels negatively and, in the long term, could derail their health and wellness goals.

This smooth drinking yogurt concept is indeed the perfect on-the-go snack. Not only does it carry the healthful halo of yogurt, but it also brings consumers the freshness of yogurt without the need for refrigeration. Made with only 5 simple ingredients, it is packed with nutrition and contains more protein than a standard yogurt as wells as a low sugar content. However, what will have consumers coming back is the delicious balance of tartness and sweetness in every gulp!

Leveraging decades of expertise in the transformation of milk, over the years, we have developed an impressive range of premium fermented powders, all of which are now both Kosher and Halal certified. These fermented ingredients are all clean label and easy to use in a variety of food and beverages, bringing in natural acidity and a wealth of other benefits depending on the ingredient you choose. Some feature the presence of live and active cultures while others display ethnic flavor profiles such as the one of Skyr or Kefir.

When it comes to EPILAC 906 which is used in So Yo’mmy, its main asset is its ability to withstand UHT treatment with no negative effect on taste or texture, thus allowing the development of shelf-stable drinking yogurts that taste as good as their fresh counterparts.