Dedicated to dairy, all committed, all enthusiastic

logo-passion-du-lait_FRThis approach involves the entire cooperative, along the entire value chain, with a determination to achieve progress. We continuously seek improvement in the short and long term by implementing a training and information plan.
We build on our strengths to consistently offer high quality products for our consumers and our customers, traceable from fork to plate!

For example: For example, an average of 200 days of grazing in the farms we’re collected and a 100 % French origin fodder given to cows.


Dedication to Dairy is Laïta’s sustainable development system, which focuses on three main areas:

Promoting well-being :

  • More than 180 days of grazing per year
  • Nearly 100% of french fooder
  • 78% of farms involved are aware of the practices

Environmentally friendly

  • Total net carbon footprint 0,88kg CO2/liter (national average about 1,03 kg CO2/liter)
  • 54% of farms have installed energ-saving equipment

Territorial and economic development

  • 61% of farmers have attended at least one information meeting or training to develop their skills