For over 20 years, Epi ingredients has been offering dry dairy ingredients to food markets worldwide.

Since 2009, Epi Ingredients is the brand of the dry ingredients division of Laïta, a cooperative company based in western France and a subsidiary of Even, which transforms milk from the Even, Terrena and Eureden farmers.

During these years of existence, Epi Ingredients has been able to develop international recognition on the dairy ingredients market, which has paved the way for the undertaking of new projects today.




All committed , all passionate!

Passion du Lait®, our CSR approach involves all of Laïta’s resources, milk producers, employees and partner cooperatives in a progress strategy centered on three pillars:

  • Well-being,
  • Footprint,
  • Cooperations,

in response to societal expectations.

Passion du Lait® goes hand-in-hand with Laïta’s virtuous development in response to ever-more demanding French and international markets.

Environmental and societal responsibility is not something that can be discussed, it is something that is part of our life. Individuals need to take on some of these responsibilities and everyone should feel concerned about these issues.