Our range of concepts : So Unik

Through these concepts, we show the benefits of our dairy ingredients in food matrices.

In finished product form, these marketing concepts promote our ranges of ingredients. We are not so bold as to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, we are not offering concepts for sale.
Even if you think our concepts are pretty awesome and you can see your consumers using them, we suggest that you let them inspire you and integrate our ingredient into your future innovations!


2022 – So Candy with our yogurt powders

Our yogurt powders in the world of confectionery!
We created a buzz at FIE 2021 with the presentation of our sweets in the form of marshmallows, gummies and berlingots.
So Candy is composed of our yogurt powders, our ethnic powders : skyr and kefir.

Provides a natural touch, and adds pleasure so that you feel good!


2020 – So Yo’mmy with our epilac 906

With our Epilac 906, we have created a healthy mix of flavor, nutrition and convenience that presents a new clean-label, shelf-stable drinking yogurt concept.
Its main asset : its ability to withstand UHT treatment with no negative effect on taste or texturen, with a taste that is as good as their fresh counterparts.


2019 – SoCrispies with our proteins

SoCrispies is a revolutionary crispy protein ingredient.
Co-developed with a company specialized in the extrusion process, it is produced from dairy proteins using a patented technology.
We chose this extruded crispy format specifically in order to provide a completely new way to consume protein.
SoCrispies is more about its unique format, a crispy protein, and less about its unique nutritional composition.



2018 – SO BENEFIK with our epiprot 60 ul

SoBenefik is a high-protein yogurt containing 8% protein and produced only with ultra-filtered milk powders.
Epiprot 60 UL is a milk protein concentrate containing 60% total native proteins.
It is produced directly from fresh milk through a cold filtration process which allows for minimal denaturation and optimal functional and nutritional properties.


2017 – SO FLEXI with our yogurt powder

SoFlexi is a powdered mix that will allow you to create fresh yogurt tasting snacks at your convenience.
Whether you’re in the mood for a drinking yogurt, a milkshake or an acid drink, treat yourself with SoFlexi!

SoFlexi is the first concept of the So Unik range, designed to showcase our expertise with regards to applications and our know-how for dairy ingredients.



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