A fundamental dairy ingredient

Our milk powders are obtained using a very simple manufacturing process :

  1. We collect our milk from our members’ farms,
  2. We skim, pasteurize, and concentrate this milk,
  3. We dry the milk by spraying it on drying towers.

The milk is collected within a maximum radius of 100 km around our production sites. Our milk powders are 100% Made in France with optimal quality and traceability.

Our range is composed solely of skimmed milk powders intended for food product manufacturers and processors who use them in  dairy products, chocolate and confectionery, pastries and baked goods, savory, drinks, infant food and animal feed applications.


A large range of skimmed milk products

Our range of milk powders is quite varied and is chosen by our customers based on several important characteristics for this ingredient :

  • Moisture,
  • Grain size,
  • Low spores,
  • Whey Protein Nitrogen Index (WPNI).

This latter defines the categories of skimmed milk proteins. This index is a measure of the undenatured whey protein content in the powder that is used to classify the heat treatment applied during the manufacturing process and which will give our skimmed milk powders either more or less functionality. There are 3 categories of products :

We can also provide low spore or UHT grade milk powders which are specific for beverage applications in particular. Low spores means that there is a low spore content, as spores can cause a bad taste or gelation with the heat treatment.

We also offer native, non-standardized milk powders, with a quality that is as close as possible to the quality of our collected milk. These powders are particularly suitable for pastry and baked goods applications.

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