Our teams are at your service !

Our R&D team :

Both our R&D technicians and engineers specialize in applications. In addition to mastering the dairy raw material and its processing techniques, they also master most of the industrial processes specific to each food industry professional.

Adapted and powerful equipment :

  • Equipment for physical-chemical, rheological, colorimetric and sensory measurements and analyses.
  • Application equipment : bakery production line, equipment for sauces and prepared foods, a production line for fresh products and ice creams, and melted cheese equipment.

All of the organoleptic, functional and nutritional properties of the solutions presented to you are assessed within the relevant application.



A pilot plant :

A pilot plant completes this equipment and allows us to carry out pre-manufacture runs and to test the characteristics of the newly developed powders.

We also rely on a strong partnership with culinary art and flavoring specialists.



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