Milk and whey permeate

Permeate is a by-product from milk or whey produced by membrane concentration.

Once proteins and fat, which make up the retentate, are released, we obtain :

  • A milk permeate,
  • Or a whey permeate (or deproteinized whey).

Essentially comprised of lactose and minerals, these permeates, once spray dried, are used in various food applications such as :

  • Filling agent,
  • Protein standardization agent.

Their lactose content also improves product browning (Maillard reaction) in pastry and baked goods applications.



  • Easy to use : reduced hygroscopicity, very good fluidity,
  • Adds a dairy-based extract,
  • Cost optimization,
  • Standardization of the milk protein content for dairy applications,
  • Ideal source of lactose for a Maillard reaction,
  • Milk taste and neutral smell.

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