Butter powders

We offer a range of butter powders that provide :

  • Organoleptic properties,
  • Natural milk fat in your finished products.

Easy to use, easy to store, they are ideal for manufacturers that want to add the benefits of butter to their products.
We rigorously select our raw materials to guarantee that the performance of our two references meet the needs of our customers.

We offer two references :

  • Butter powder 75/9,
  • Butter powder 814 Clean Label.

Butter powders are used :

  • Primarily in pastry and baked goods applications, especially in premixes,
  • In other applications such as the savory world, in white sauces or dairy products,
  • For all our adventurous consumers, butter powder can also be found in our kitchens or in freeze-dried products.




  • Easy to use, good dispersion and hydration,
  • Storage at room temperature for 12 months,
  • 100% natural,
  • Clean Label,
  • Natural milk fat,
  • Adds a butter flavor.


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