Our core values

Epi ingredients is part of Laïta and shares the same core values. The values that Laïta cultivates stem from her cooperative dimension. They represent a human-size company and strong regional foothold there to serve the sustainable development of the ‘Grand Ouest’ (North Western France).


Trust is the founding principle and building block of solidarity, which, for instance, blonds Laïta and its farmers. It also ensures the development of healthy relationships with customers.

Corporate Responsibility

The strength of Laïta’s commitment is built on its founders’ strong sense of cooperation. Our teams work with rigor and determination every day to sustainably add value to the milk of the farmer-members of our parent companies; while striving to create economic and social wealth in the ‘Grand Ouest’ (North Western France).

Innovation and performance

Laïta’s drive for innovation and performance is key to its development and an essential prerequisite to becoming a major player in today’s and tomorrow’s business environment. Strategically and carefully planned innovation demands continuous market monitoring, launch of new products, adaptation to fast-pace technological changes and excellence in our daily operations.

Company details

The research & development, sales and marketing departments are all located on the industrial site in Ancenis. However, the dry ingredients division is spread out among four performing facilities: Ancenis, Créhen, Yffiniac and Landerneau.

Epi Ingredients’ key figures:

  • 100,000 metric tons of dairy ingredients
  • 26% exports, strong international expertise
  • 249 employees across the value chain
  • 4 high-performance industrial sites
  • 1 pilot plant
  • 1 application laboratory

Quality Management

Conscious of global challenges with regards to quality, Laïta fully takes on its responsibility as a producer, milk collector and manufacturer. Epi Ingredients in turn benefits from Laïta’s commitment through its promise of quality and sustainable development.
From field to fork, this commitment applies to the whole workforce, farmers and employees in an effort to better serve customers and enhance consumer’s satisfaction.