What is SoFlexi ?

SoFlexi is a powdered mix that will allow you to create fresh yogurt-tasting snacks at your convenience. Whether you’re in the mood for a drinking yogurt, some ice cream, a milkshake, or an acid drink, treat yourself with SoFlexi!

SoFlexi is the first concept of the range SoUnik, designed to showcase Epi Ingredients’ application expertise and dairy ingredients know-how. Other concepts will soon be added to this range to satisfy your cravings for both taste and well-being with more healthy indulgence!

Epilac, range of premium ingredients

Epilac powders – unique range of all-natural yogurt powders and fermented milk powders – are easy to implement and can be incorporated into a wide variety of food matrixes. Offering a strong yet pleasant dairy flavor and some natural acidity, Epilac ingredients are true assets in developing innovative and indulgent end-products. Beyond these functional and sensory features, the live bacteria contained in some of these powders could have a positive effect on digestive health, which is a highly desirable feature in the formulation of nutritional products.


Ingredients : Low fat yogurt powder 48 (skimmed yogurt), sugar, EPIVAL 26+ (food preparation in powder 26% fat: Lactose and milk proteins, hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut oil), flavours), cellulose gum (E 466), citric acid (E 330).

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