Our low heat skimmed milk powders

Our milk powders are obtained using a very simple manufacturing process :

  • We collect our milk from our members’ farms,
  • Then we skim it,
  • Pasteurize it,
  • Concentrate it,
  • And last, we dry it by spraying it on our drying towers.

The collected milk, used to make our powders, is collected within a maximum radius of 100 km around our production sites.

As a result, we obtain milk powders that are 100% French made, with optimal quality and traceability.

The milk contains 2 types of proteins :

  • Casein – large proteins, representing 80%
  • Serum proteins – small proteins representing 20%

These two types of proteins are very interesting from a functional and nutritional point of view.
They are complementary and have very different roles depending on whether they are processed thermally and/or mechanically.

Therefore, it becomes possible to infer their respective functionalities for the manufacture of products that include these ingredients in their recipes. We have these two types of proteins in our skimmed milk powders; however, during the drying process, we will denature our serum proteins which will then become more or less functional depending on the specific goal.

Our low heat skimmed milk powders have undergone a high heat treatment during its manufacturing process. As a result, these powders will have a low WPNI value, i.e. they will have a low level of undenatured serum proteins per gramme of powder.

These low heat milk powders therefore have solubility, gelling and emulsifying functions in the following applications – dairy products (especially in cheese-making techniques and coagulation properties), ice creams, frozen desserts and savory applications.

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