The food industry knows it:

the French scrutinize what they eat. After vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan diets, sugar is now the subject of particular attention.
To meet consumer expectations, industry players are vigilant about sugar and are looking for growth opportunities. Bringing more functionality and naturalness to the product is possible.

After a difficult year in 2020, the confectionery industry is getting back on track. Naturalness is at the heart of innovation.
This is what Epi Ingredients is proposing with its So Candy concept, a comprehensive confectionery application presented exclusively at the FIE. Epi Ingredients offers a concrete opportunity to improve recipes using a nutritional approach with less sugar. In fact, it is interesting to associate the ingredients of confectionery, which suffers from a bad image, and those of yogurt, which conveys a good image to consumers driven by naturalness”, Mathieu LUCOT, Marketing Manager
Several other tasting models with yoghurt powders will also be presented at the show, such as:

– Marshmallow with choco shell (with Yoghurt Powder 48 (Black Choco) and Kefir Powder (Ruby Choco) in the marshmallow and the choco)
– Jelly candies in 2 flavors containing Yogurt Powder 48
– Berlingot containing Epiyog 47 and Skyr Powder.