From the production of Emmental-type cheese

Our sweet whey powders are obtained using a very simple manufacturing process:

  • We skim the liquid whey produced during the production of our cheeses,
  • we pasteurize it,
  • then we concentrate it
  • before transforming it into powder on our drying towers.

We obtain a dairy ingredient that has a pH around 6.5 and a slightly sweet taste.

The standard specifications of our Sweet Whey products are:

  • Proteins > 11 %
  • Lactose > 73 %
  • Minerals < 8,5 %

Our Sweet Whey products are perfect for use in numerous applications:


Depending on your needs, our whey products can provide you with emulsifying, aerating, smoothness and solubility properties.
Its slightly sweet taste will adapt perfectly to your recipes. Because it is easy to implement and rich in serum proteins, it will perfectly meet your needs!

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