Our whey comes from our cheese and casein production. We only use whey from our productions, as this allows us to have control over the traceability and quality of our ingredients.

The demineralization step is performed on liquid whey. The step involves removing some of the minerals from the whey. To do this, we use a reverse osmosis process. Reverse osmosis is a very fine filtration system that will allow us to filter out the minerals present in the whey. We will be able to perform several levels of demineralization to obtain different types of products :

  • 40-50% demineralized whey –> Food applications,
  • 70% demineralized whey –> Food and infant applications,
  • 90% demineralized whey — > Infant applications only.

At Epi Ingrédients, we offer for sale a 40% demineralized whey that is perfect for a chocolate confectionery application.

40% demineralized whey

Natural dairy ingredient made from fresh pasteurized whey which comes from acid casein production. With a specific process that includes nano-filtration, some of the minerals are removed to obtain a specific dairy ingredient suitable for the various types of food applications.

Organoleptic assets

  • An alternative to sweet whey powder,
  • With its low mineral and high lactose content, our D40 is a valuable and perfect alternative to sweet whey to improve the taste of the finished product with less of a salty taste,
  • The neutral dairy taste has no bitterness or after-taste, making it easy to use.


  • An economic solution,
  • Control the mineral contribution in the formulation,
  • Perfect for the chocolate application => sweet dairy taste and a pleasant sensation in the mouth without compromising the flavor for the chocolate application,
  • Perfect for controlling intact mineral in processed cheese=> providing a pleasant sensation in the mouth and spreadability,
  • Natural source of carbohydrates,
  • Good microbiological quality with low thermophilic bacteria, avoiding food spoilage in pasteurized and UHT products,
  • Good solubility,
  • Heat resistant,
  • Vegetarian ingredient,
  • Available in Halal or Kosher form.


  • Spread  => no significant difference between a milk powder/whey combination and our D40,
  • Chocolate => less dairy and sweeter with our D40.


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