From the production of caseinates

Our whey powders are obtained following the coagulation of our acid caseins during the manufacturing process for our caseinates:

  • We acidify milk through an ion exchange process in order to separate caseins and whey proteins,
  • Because caseins are sensitive to acidification, they gel and form a coagulate,
  • This coagulate is pasteurized, concentrated and then sent to a drying tower,
  • The pH of these powders is close to 4.5 and its taste is going to be more acidic.

The standard specifications of our Sweet Whey products are:

  • Proteins > 10 %
  • Lactose > 75 %
  • Minerals < 9,5 %

Our whey products are perfect for use in numerous applications:


Our whey products can provide you with emulsifying, aerating, smoothness and solubility properties.
Because it is easy to implement, it will perfectly suit your needs !

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