Passion du Lait®:

Laïta’s CSR initiative, Passion du Lait®, was launched in 2015. It commits all our members, employees and shareholders to a progress approach in response to society’s expectations.


It is characterised by 3 major pillars:

  • The well-being of people,
  • Implementing cooperative ventures.
  • Reducing our environmental footprint.


Limiting water resources:

Over the last 100 years, global water use has increased 6-fold and continues to rise every year. As part of our Passion for Milk® CSR approach, Laïta has set itself a policy aimed at reducing our impact on the water cycle by the end of the year.

In 2021, Laïta’s consumption of drinking water was 3,495,882 m3. This is equivalent to the consumption of a town like Quimper. The main reason for this consumption is the cleaning of production equipment. This step is necessary to guarantee an irreproachable level of hygiene.

Measures have already been taken at all our plants, including

  • Limiting leaks,
  • Installation of flow meters,
  • Measures to optimise washing,
  • Regeneration of detergent solutions,
  • Limiting external cleaning of lorries and tankers.

Passion du Lait® supports our desire to reduce our use of water resources. It is achieved day after day, thanks to the determination and investment of each and every one of us.