Did you know?


EPI Ingredients is certified AEO: Authorised Economic Operator. AEO agreement enables any company established within the EU to acquire a quality label for the customs and security-safety processes it implements.

In France, it is issued by French national customs and recognised across the EU and in countries that have signed mutual recognition agreements.


Customs simplifications + Security and Safety’ agreement (AEO – F)

Our AEO-F is a combination of ‘customs simplification’ & ‘security & safety’ authorisations. It guarantees that our company meets all the criteria for these two authorisations:

    • Compliance with practical standards in terms of professional skills or qualifications directly related to our activity;
    • Existence of appropriate safety and security standards, (including physical integrity and access controls, logistical processes and handling of specific types of goods, our staff and business partners);
    • Demonstration of a high level of control over our operations and movement of goods through a management system, enabling us to exercise the necessary customs controls;
    • Financial solvency, proving that we are in a satisfactory financial situation;
    • Absence of violations of customs legislation and tax provisions.


Authorisation monitoring

The AEO authorisation is valid permanently. This agreement permits us to:

    • Constant compliance with audited and validated customs processes,
    • Implementing corrective measures in the event of malfunctions,
    • Carrying out regular audits (regular follow-up audits) at least once every 3 years,
    • Informing the RAS (Regional Audit Service) of any changes related to the company,
    • Maintaining a relationship of trust with the customs authorities.


More information on: https://www.douane.gouv.fr/fiche/generalites-sur-lautorisation-oea