• Caseins:

Caseins are the main proteins in milk, constituting nearly 80% of the proteins. They give milk its white color and are essential for processing into yogurt or cheese, for example.

Caseins in the form of caseinates are widely used as an ingredient in various applications: ice creams, yoghurts, sauces…

  • Caseinates:

Acid casein is insoluble at neutral pH. It is therefore necessary to treat it with a base to obtain different types of caseinates:

    • Sodium caseinate,
    • Calcium caseinate,
    • Potassium caseinate.

Caseinates can be manufactured by spray-drying, by roller or by extrusion. Our caseinates have the particularity to be produced by extrusion.


  • Neutralization:

Neutralization can be done in different ways:

From the curd which is neutralized by adding an alkali and then dried by atomization, we obtain a spray caseinate,
From dry acid casein, by a process of high concentration, we speak of extrusion.

Extrusion allows neutralization to be achieved with a minimum of water, hence the term “high concentration”.