What is butter powder?


Butter powder is an ingredient containing 90% butter.

At EPI Ingredients, we have developed 2 butter powder references:

  • Butter powder 75/9, for which the butter is emulsified with a dairy protein and an emulsifier.
  • Butter powder 814 Clean Label. Butter is emulsified only with a dairy protein, hence the “Clean Label” designation.

Drying takes place after emulsification.


These products have a wide range of applications. In particular, they can be found in bakery and pastry products. These ingredients bring the good taste of butter to your finished product.

They are also ideal for use in ready-to-use complete mixes, or in premixes to be combined with other ingredients.

Finally, savory sauces and other ready-made dishes may call for the use of butter powder.

Easy to use and store, it’s the ideal ingredient if you want to benefit from all the properties of butter!


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