Acid casein is insoluble at neutral pH. A treatment with a base allows to obtain different types of caseinates:

  • Sodium caseinate,
  • Calcium caseinate,
  • Potassium caseinate.

One of the applications of calcium caseinate is in protein bars. These products are generally composed of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. The problem that can be encountered is a hardening of these bars over time. Our studies have proven that the use of the right calcium caseinate allows for a better stability over time.

Calcium caseinate has different characteristics depending on the drying method used.

Epi Ingredients produces extruded calcium caseinate, unlike other calcium caseinates on the market that are dried by the spray drying method.

This study proved that EPI ingredients caseinate allows to obtain high protein bars that are less crumbly, with a better shelf life by preventing the hardening process.

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