Epi Ingredients bringing its latest innovations to Asia at FIA in September


Epi Ingredients is excited to be part of the leading global food ingredients show in Asia to not only increase brand awareness but also spark business opportunities around new offerings.

The company recently launched SoFlexi, highly versatile yogurt-based finished product concept, and is excited to introduce it on the Asian market. SoFlexi is a powdered mix, coming in individual pouches, that allows consumers to create both healthy and indulgent fresh yogurt-tasting snacks at their convenience. With this concept, the goal for the company it is to showcase the unique characteristics of EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48 and to drive innovation, helping their customers visualize what they can do with the range of ingredients offered.

With their new state-of-the-art drying tower expected to produce its first powders by the end of the year, the company is getting ready to launch a number of new offerings they have been working on. At the show, they will highlight the low-spore skim milk powder that was developed specifically for UHT beverages formulations as well as their portfolio of solution for the nutrition market. The range of possibilities arising from this cutting-edge facility goes from standard bulk ingredients to ready-to-market bespoke finished products. Not only will the company be able to provide infant-grade SMP and Stage 1 to Stage 3 baby formulas but it will also have the capability to create customized fortified powdered milks to meet the needs to specialized adult nutrition.