Epi Ingredients enters the protein ingredient market!


As consumer interest in protein continues to grow, Epi Ingredients is now launching its first ever protein concentrate, EPIPROT 60 UL, to support food, beverage and nutrition manufacturers in their new product developments.

This innovative native ingredient fits into the company’s new protein range, EPIPROT, which also includes caseinates and acid caseins and will soon feature additional offerings of milk protein concentrates and isolates. EPIPROT 60 UL is a milk protein concentrate containing 60% total native protein. It is produced directly from fresh milk using a unique ultra-low heat process which allows for minimal denaturation and optimal functional & nutritional properties. It also preserves the 80/20 casein/native whey protein ratio unadulterated.

Native protein EPIPROT 60 UL is easy to use and can be used in a wide range of applications such as cheese, yogurt, quark, beverages, nutritional products and more. Not only does it offer superior gelling, emulsifying and water retention capabilities, but it also features the unique ability to provide enhanced creaminess and rich mouthfeel in low-fat, high-protein applications. EPIPROT 60 UL also benefits from a superior nutritional profile high in native calcium and low-lactose.

After the massive success of SoFlexi last year, Epi Ingredients has decided to repeat the experience and will soon be launching a new concept featuring it new EPIPROT 60 UL. Stay tuned for all the details, coming in September!