Butter powders

Designed to replace fresh butter in pastries and baked goods, butter powders offer such a palatable sensory experience that they cannot be differentiated from fresh butter in finished goods!

Unlike other butter replacement options, our butter powders are 100% natural dairy fat, therefore absolutely clean label and 100% indulgent!

Our butter powders are a winner for manufacturers as they can reduce waste thanks to a much longer shelf life than fresh butter, 12 months versus 4 days! They are also easy to store, do not need refrigeration, are easy to use and offer complete origin traceability.

Some of our customers are using our butter powder in:butter powder

– Brioche

– Croissants and other pastries

– Pancake mixes

– Sauce mix

– Seasoning shakers

And now, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which boosted in-home baking, for some as a form of emotional and mental release and for others as a way to stay busy while on lockdown, new opportunities could open up. Why not include butter powder in home baking kits?

Designed to reduce the burden of baking by making it faster, easier and beginner-friendly, adding butter powder to these kits will just increase all these attributes by eliminating the need to add fresh butter, without affecting the taste… and consumers can stock their pantry with those kits and have delicious buttery baked goods on demand, no extra trip to the supermarket required, and no change of plans if the butter shelves are empty!

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