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With our EPILAC fermented powders, we can support manufacturers in the development of both shelf-stable and fresh products designed to cater to consumers who are always pressed for time and looking for convenient, “on-the-go” snack options that are both healthy and indulgent!” Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager


Although the fermentation of food has been used for thousands of years to preserve food and extend their shelf life, it is now appealing to increasingly health-conscious consumers not only for its perceived health benefits but also for offering a distinctive taste and usually being clean label.

Most consumers now understand that a healthy gut is the foundation of overall wellness and recognize that fermented foods have the potential to positively impact their digestive health, along with possibly providing additional benefits such as promoting heart health, strengthening the immune system or even helping reduce symptoms of depression.

However, one of the most notable challenges with fermented food is preservation; most of them currently require refrigeration, a constraint that:

  • comes with extra costs,
  • can be difficult to achieve in some regions of the world,
  • does not fit well in consumers’ increasingly busy lifestyles and their ongoing quest for convenient, “on-the-go” healthy options that also taste good.

This is where we come in! At Epi Ingredients, we have tackled this challenge and are proud to make access to fermented products more convenient through our range of shelf-stable, dry yogurt ingredients.

As a global leader in the field of dairy processing, we have developed EPILAC, a whole range of premium fermented powders which are the perfect fit for new developments carrying the healthful halo of fermented foods without the need for refrigeration.

Epilac ingredients features:

  • Smooth flavor with a pleasant yogurt note
  • Natural acidity
  • Ease-of-use & versatility
  • Clean label
  • High microbiological quality adapted to dry mixing

In addition, thanks to our strong technological expertise, we were able to develop a unique manufacturing process allowing us to dry blends of milk and live cultures, keeping the cultures alive throughout the process and into the finished powder, if required.

Therefore, our Epilac range is made up of both powders containing live and active cultures and powders featuring inactive flora. We also recently developed new ethnic varieties to quench consumers’ thirst for adventure and authenticity through new flavors.

Here are examples of applications in which our clients successfully used our fermented powders:

  • Filling for pastries and baked goods
  • Ice creams and frozen desserts
  • Fresh dairy products
  • Shelf stable yogurt snacks
  • Drinking yogurts and other beverages
  • Nutritional products

Whether you are looking for functionality, nutrition or flavor, our Epilac ingredients have it all… and if you need something specific, talk to us; our dedicated R&D team is here to help you create it. We even have regulatory experts on-board to support you when working on the wording for your packaging!


Committed to driving innovation and inspiring food, beverage, and nutrition manufacturers in the development of finished products that resonate with consumers’ needs, we are developing on-trend concepts designed to showcase the unique properties of our ingredients.

Check out SoFlexi for a sneak peek at what using our fermented powders could look like!


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