Acid caseins are obtained after :

  • Acidifying the milk, which causes them to precipitate,
  • Once the curd has been collected, we separate it via centrifugation,
  • We then wash the curd prior to milling and drying it,
  • This is how we obtain our acid caseins.

Acid caseins are primarily used for their functional qualities. They improve the texture and water retention, especially in processed cheese and cheese-analogue applications.

Acid caseins are used in cheese applications in protein-enriched products destined for nutrition markets.

Our acid caseins have valuable characteristics such as :

  • Grain size : 90 mesh
  • pH : 4.3 – 5.1
  • Minerals : 2%
  • Lactose < 0,02%
  • Functional : has high thermal stability.

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