Ethnic powders

“In the yogurt segment, we are currently witnessing the rise in popularity of “ethnic” products such as Skyr, Kefir, Lassi, Labneh, etc. so we focused our efforts on expanding our Epilac range of premium fermented powders with some of these varieties in order to offer manufacturers on-trend powdered alternative to innovate with” Mathieu Lucot, Marketing Manager

In addition to a growing interest for fermented foods perceived to carry a lot of health benefits, consumers are also now becoming more curious and seeking novelty in the food they choose, especially in the dairy segment where the popularity of ethnic varieties is skyrocketing. This yearning for adventure and authenticity through food is driving the development and sales of ethnic products such as Skyr or Kefir outside their region of origin.

As an expert with decades of experience in the development of fermented powders, it only made sense for us to create some ethnic variations of our more traditional powders in an effort to support manufacturers in their innovation process. We thus played with different cultures, adjusting our processes, and fine-tuning flavor profiles to launch several new ingredients. The following ethnic fermented powders are now part of the core Epilac range:

  • Skyr powder
  • Kefir powder,
  • Lait Ribot’ powder (traditional fermented milk from Britany, France)

And we are continuously working on expanding our options. Some potential new developments are:

  • Ayran powder
  • Lassi powder
  • Labneh powder
  • And more…

We also have the capabilities and technological expertise to develop custom-made yogurt powders to meet our customers specific needs. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss a new project involving fermented powders!

Consumer interest in ethnic products is multifaceted. Beyond seeking the excitement of trying food from another culture, consumers also value the authenticity and simple processing dictated by the traditional making of these products. Ultimately, they are also driven by a quest for wellness, attracted by the high protein content of a variety or the specific probiotic makeup of another.

Some of the nutritional benefits of our ethnic yogurt powders are:

  • Low fat
  • High protein
  • Low lactose
  • Gut health booster

With our ethnic powders, there is no limit to what you can achieve! Our powders allow you to offer the nutritional benefits of yogurts in products packed with novel flavors and obtained through centuries-old natural processes.

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