Innovative dairy ingredients for “on-the-go” finished products that cater to the expectations of modern consumers


At FIE this year, Epi Ingredients decided to focus on its range of premium fermented powders EPILAC through it new application concept, SoFlexi.

SoFlexi is a powdered mix made of only 5 ingredients and including EPILAC Lowfat Yogurt Powder 48. It was designed as a way to easily create fresh yogurt-tasting snacks in seconds, thus catering to consumers that are increasingly pressed for time and always seeking “on-the-go” products to fit their busy lifestyles. However, the goal for Epi Ingredients is not to sell the concept but merely to drive innovation and help their customers visualize what they can do with the company’s offering, all the way from bulk ingredients to actual CPG marketing.

The company will also showcase its offering in concentrated aromatic products at FIE which currently consists of two ingredients: a milk concentrate and a cream concentrate. These products are 100% natural flavors and contain no additives, no texturing agents and no preservatives. They are offered as a paste and help increase the creamy flavor as well as overall body and smoothness in a broad range of applications without sacrificing texture or taste.

To learn more about the company’s offering and sample some finished products showcasing their ingredients, stop by stand n° 08.0H62 at FIE and meet Laïta and Epi Ingredients’ teams.