Milk substitutes

Milk substitutes are used to replace milk powder in industrial products. A milk substitute is a product formulated with dairy ingredients to which fat is either added or not.

There are two types of milk substitutes :

  • Fat : contain butter or vegetable fat. They are used to replace 26% milk powder.
  • Fat-free : do not contain fat, they are used to fully or partially replace skimmed milk powder.

Often, milk replacers are used to optimize production costs while retaining the properties of the formulated product.

Milk replacers are a cost-effective alternative to milk powder while preserving or optimizing the properties of the product in which they are used.

Resulting from R&D formulation work, these dairy preparations can be tailored based on :

  • The functional and/or organoleptic expectations,
  • Food applications and target functions.

Milk replacers are formulated to provide water retention, emulsion, stabilization or ideal browning properties in pastries and baked goods, sauces, prepared foods, and chocolate applications.

Epi ingrédients proposes two fat milk replacers :

  • Easy to use,
  • Good dispersion properties,
  • Provide a 2-in-1 fat and protein solution.

EPIVAL 726 : 26% butterfat

Provides a good dairy and cream taste with a good rounded flavor to your dairy and chocolate applications Thermally stable, EPIVAL 726 is ideal for application in dairy drinks, or for application in white sauces.

EPIVAL 26 plus : 26% Copra-type vegetable fat

Ideal for ice cream applications with an optimized melting point and a good aeration capacity.
They can be found in the following applications: savory, chocolate, pastries and baked goods, ice creams, dairy products.



  • Easy to use,
  • Economic optimization of recipes,
  • Functions suitable for multiple applications,
  • Optimal organoleptic qualities.

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